“The cook is content to interpret the generosity of nature.

  Natural cuisine respects the original flavor of each product. “

Tasting of foie gras (grilled and mi-cuit)  17.00€

Our 5 homemade tapas  17.00€

  Tempura vegetables with Iberian ham  17.00€

Sauteed squid  and L escala Anchovy  glass 18.00€

Iberian ham with bread and tomato  17.00€

Xipirones(small squid) croquettes  14.00€

Squid stuffed with vegetables 16.00€

Marine trilogy plus one …. (squid, monkfish, shrimp…)  21.00€

Grilled lamb from Pirineo  with nettle 17.00€

  Dove with grilled foie gras 19.00€

Grilled Chateaubriand beef with sauteed potatoes  23.00€

Rice of Pals

Red prawn rice 23.00€

Monkfish and prawn rice 19.00€

Vegetable  with turmeric rice  16.00€

Lobster and artichoke rice 31.00€

Bread 0,95€