CARTA 2021

Foie gras mi-cuit and Apricot Tatin 17.00€

           Salad with Tempura vegetables and Iberian ham 17.00€

Visit of our 5 homemade Tapas 18.00€

  (Ask the cambrer)

Plate of Iberian Ham  bread

       with toasted bread and tomato 18.00€

Duo of smoked sardines and tomato gazpacho 17.00€

Dish of Anchovies de la Escala( 7 units) 15.00€

Cuttlefish croquettes (4 units) 14.00€ 

Grilled squid and sautéed potatoes  17.00€

The Fish Trilogy (ask the waiter)  18.00€

Duck fillet with mushrooms 21.00€

Grilled Angus entrecote   18.00€


Pals rice with wild turbot 21.00€

Red Prawn Paella (3 pieces) 31.00€

Vegetable Paella with turmeric 15.00€

Bread 0,95€

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